Alstra AI Writing Tool Official Launch Update Log (Version 1.0)

We are excited to announce the official launch of Alstra AI – AI writing tool designed for digital marketers with efficiency and productivity at heart.

– Expertly Engineered Writing Prompts: Our writing prompts format has been expertly engineered with efficiency and precision at heart. Experience enhanced productivity and creativity with carefully crafted prompts designed to inspire and guide your writing process. No more back and forth with the chatbot. Fill in the form and let the AI do all the leg work.

– New User Interface (UI): We have introduced a revamped UI for the Alstra AI Writing Tool, designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. The new UI allows for easier navigation throughout the studio website, enabling users to access and manage their accounts conveniently within the platform itself.

– Passwordless Login System: We have implemented a new login system that eliminates the need for passwords. This enhancement maximizes the ease of signing up and logging in while providing added security benefits. User data and premium subscriptions are now connected to the email address used for signing up, making it the primary account identifier.

– Mandarin Chinese Writing: We are excited to announce the open beta release of Mandarin Chinese writing functions. Users can now utilize Alstra AI for various writing purposes, including general copywriting, business writing, and email composition, in Mandarin Chinese.

– Free 4000 Tokens for New Users: As a gesture of appreciation, all new users will receive 4000 free tokens upon signing up. These tokens can be used to access all features of Alstra AI.

– Monthly Premium Fee: We have introduced a monthly premium subscription option priced at 6 Canadian dollars. This subscription provides users with a monthly token limit of 80000. The premium subscription provides increased token allocation to enhance their using experience in large quantity and quality.

– Flexible Premium Subscription: Users have the flexibility to cancel their premium subscription at any time. However, it’s important to note that canceling the premium subscription will result in the immediate loss of all remaining tokens.

– Beta Account Reset: As part of the official launch, all beta accounts have been wiped from the system. We extend our gratitude to all beta users for their valuable feedback during the testing phase, which contributed to the refinement and improvement of Alstra AI.

We are excited to provide you with an enhanced writing experience through the official launch of Alstra AI Writing Tool. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome as we continue to improve our platform to meet your writing needs.